"Where Music really Matters"
About SMS

Welcome to the home of SMS.

Music is the most accessible of all the arts. It covers a huge range of styles, genres and emotions and permeates every area of our lives.

The role of Swavesey Music School is to ensure that as many young people as possible enjoy music and gain musical insights that will enrich their entire lives. SMS aims to provide a vibrant and high-quality music school to the local and wider communities.

The Music School is an extension of the Swavesey Village College Music Department and seeks to also provide links between primary music-making and the opportunities provided by the college’s extra-curricular music programme (see ‘SVC music’ link).

At Swavesey Music School, students will learn to sing together, play instruments together and learn music theory and aural skills thereby enhancing the quality of their lives and enhancing the musical life of the community. We are the first to admit that the music studied here cannot be confined to well-known classical composers, so our students will play and sing from a rich diversity of styles. Increasingly, too, students will be expected to improvise, play by ear and follow other informal forms of composition that are finding a growing place in music education.

We hope our students enjoy their sessions and are challenged to give of their best week by week. The study of music brings great personal rewards and satisfaction, but it also calls for tremendous commitment and self-discipline.

Swavesey Music School has a well- motivated and highly-qualified staff, talented and committed students and a list of activities to cater for all abilities. Please look at our website or arrange to pay us a visit if you wish to learn more of what we do.


Swavesey Music School has ambitious plans to develop the work of the school in the near future. We hope to increase the range of musical opportunities and styles available and to ensure that, with the musical groups available at Swavesey Village College, every child in the community has the opportunity to sing or play in a group. With the completion of the college’s new hall, we will have a new performance space that will greatly enhance future plans.

Audrey Caldwell - Director of Music